Customizing navigation and security in OpenXava

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Aug 122015

OpenXava does not include a complete security and navigation system, although you can easily add security and navigation in an OpenXava application if you use a Java portal, such as Liferay. Also, you can use the official solution that OpenXava team offers: XavaPro. Even though these solutions may be valid for new projects, for legacy projects you may need apply other ones. In this post we are going to customize our own solution for navigation and security starting from the standard OpenXava solution: NaviOX. Continue reading »

Bootstrap grid system

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Jul 212015

A grid system divides the screen into multiple rows and columns that can be used to create various types of layouts. With Bootstrap, to set the maximum width of the page content according to the screen width, you have to use a container. All the rows and columns should be placed inside a container to ensure proper alignment and padding.
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Bootstrap: Hello World!

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Jun 192015

In order to create our first html page, Hello World!, using Bootstrap, we will go to the official Bootstrap website at and download the lastest 3.x.x version. Then will extract the archive and copy the following folders: css, fonts and js. Our project will have these folders and all of the main html archive at the same level that these folder.
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