GAE, Eclipse and Maven

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Jun 072015

The Google Plugin for Eclipse lets you create, test, and upload App Engine applications from within Eclipse. The Google Plugin for Eclipse also makes it easy to develop applications using Google Web Toolkit (GWT), to run
on App Engine or in any other environment. However, this plugin doesn’t use Maven. In this post we are going to explain how to manage dependencies in a GAE project using Eclipse and Maven.
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App Engine Datastore

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Jun 012015

After reading several books and web pages related to App Engine Datastore, I have decided to write this brief post explaining the basic ideas behind this Datastore, leaning mainly on the book Google App Engine Java and GWT Application Development and information that you can read at

App Engine Datastore is a schemaless NoSQL datastore with automatic caching, a sophisticated query engine, and atomic transactions. It is based on Google’s Big Table design.

The Datastore’s design has a focus on scalability and it is not a relational database. This design allows its data to be partitioned, or sharded, and it is distributed in a way that makes partitioning data and performing queries extremely efficient.
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Deploying a GAE Application

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May 312015

In this post, we’ll describe how to deploy an application to Google App Engine.

The first step in deploying an application require that you create a Google developer account. To start th process of registering an application ID, follow this link: For that, you will need to have previuosly a Google Account or have a Google Apps account. In the latter option, you will have to use the link<YOURDOMAIN.COM>/, where YOURDOMAIN.COM is replaced with your actual Google Apps domain name.
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